The Top 4 Reasons to Rent an SUV for Your Next Adventure

When you fly into the Dallas/Fort Worth area, whether you are planning to stay in town or travel further to your destination, it’s important to pick a rental car that fits your particular needs. At Commerce Auto Rental in Arlington, we highly suggest you rent an SUV. It offers many benefits, especially for long trips, family vacations, and for travel with extra luggage. Here are the top four reasons to rent an SUV for your next adventure.

SUV Rental

1. Space

It’s always nice to have a little more space when traveling, especially if you’ve just come off an airplane ride with little room to stretch those legs. SUVs provide ample space for luggage and passengers, making them perfect for family trips and group outings. Oftentimes, SUVs are made on a truck bed chassis, giving them larger capacity than a general rental car.

2. Safety

SUVs offer a higher driving position, better visibility, and improved safety features, providing more protection for drivers and passengers. They also tend to be larger than other vehicles on the road. In the case of a collision, an SUV’s size and weight can help to absorb some of the impact and protect passengers in the vehicle.

3. Comfort

SUVs offer a smooth ride and comfortable seating arrangements, making long trips more enjoyable. You take trips for a reason. Whether it’s for business or for a vacation, being able to spread out in your vehicle can make all the difference on the road.

4. Versatility

SUVs can be used for different purposes. Whether you are moving or transporting large items, need extra space for the number of people on your trip, or traveling to adventurous destinations, an SUV rental checks all the boxes for versatility in a wide range of situations. Rent an SUV to make sure you’re prepared for the adventures awaiting you on your trip to the city, the countryside, or somewhere in between.

If you need to rent an SUV in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact Commerce Auto Rental at (855) 204-4008 and make a reservation today!