Beyond the Basics: 5 Car Rental Hacks You Need to Know

Visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area means stepping into a world of adventure, whether you plan to cheer at a Cowboys game, enjoy Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, or dive into Texas’s rich culture. If you’re planning a trip to the area, Commerce Auto Rental is here with five car rental tips you need to make your experience memorable and go as smoothly as possible. Let’s unpack our car rental hacks to easily navigate the Lone Star State with confidence.

Commerce Auto Rental Arlington Car Rental Hacks

1. Take Advantage of Credit Card Perks

One significant yet often overlooked car rental hack is related to your credit card. Did you know that a perk of some credit cards is that they offer bonuses when opening a new account? Before reserving your rental car, consider the benefits of applying for a new credit card tailored to reward you with substantial cash-back bonuses.

Many cards offer these bonuses if you spend a set amount in the initial months. If you use a new credit card on your rental booking, you can effectively view this cash-back bonus as an instant discount on your car rental. It’s like getting part of your rental for free. Make sure to read the terms carefully to ensure the timing is right, and you reap the full benefits of this perk.

2. Cash on Hand for Tolls

Exploring the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond by car often involves toll roads. Since you’re using a rental, paying for tolls can be more complicated. To simplify this process, we suggest keeping cash on hand while traveling. This easy preparation allows you to cover tolls seamlessly, sparing yourself the headache of toll bills and potential additional charges arriving after your trip has concluded. A little foresight can go a long way in making your travels as straightforward as possible.

3. Don’t Wait to Make Your Reservation

When it comes to car rentals, procrastination is the enemy of choice. If you delay booking until the last minute, it can result in less selection. Secure your preferred vehicle as soon as you know your travel dates to ensure you have what you need for your trip. If you’re unsure what type of vehicle would work best for your vacation or business trip, connect with our team, and we can help point you in the right direction.

4. Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Travels

Your choice of rental car can impact your trip as much as your destination. A compact car or SUV may be your best ally if you aim for efficiency. For family trips or large parties, consider more spacious options like a mid-size SUV to accommodate everyone and everything you bring comfortably. At Commerce Auto Rental, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

5. More Tips for Your Journey

Here are a few additional quick tips for a smooth rental experience:

Get to Know Rental Features before Leaving the Parking Lot

When you pick up your rental, take a few moments to check out the vehicle’s features. Ensure you know where your cruise control, gas tank, windshield wipers, etc., are located. This is the perfect time to ask questions so you can enjoy a stress-free ride.

Understand Rental Policies

Knowing the rental car policies in advance will help you avoid unnecessary charges and decide on the most cost-effective approach for your trip. This includes perks like valet service or policies related to refueling your rental. Ask questions if you can’t find answers on your own.

Pro Tip: Inquire about ongoing promotions, business rental deals, or long-term rental discounts to capitalize on potential savings.

If you remember these car rental hacks, you’re all set for an unforgettable journey to the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. For a car, SUV, or truck rental for your upcoming trip, contact Commerce Auto Rental at (972) 616-4728 or reserve a rental online. We’ll help you prepare for an extraordinary Texas experience!