4 Helpful Questions to Ask When Booking a Rental Car

Planning a trip to the Arlington and Dallas area? If so, you’re likely to be in the process of securing a rental car. Whether you’re exploring the city, venturing out to nearby attractions, or conducting business meetings, having a reliable mode of transportation is common sense. That’s why when you book your rental car, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure a seamless experience. Commerce Auto Rental has been in the car rental business for years, so we’re here to help with a list of the top four questions to ask when booking a rental.

Commerce Auto Rental Arlington Dallas Car Rental

1. What Do I Need To Rent a Car?

Booking a rental car can be an exciting part of your travel plans. For a smooth experience, it’s good to know what you need before arriving at the rental location or booking online.

At Commerce Auto Rental, we make the process easy for you.  First and foremost, we follow state guidelines. To rent a car with us, you must be 21 years or older, possess a valid driver’s license, provide proof of full-coverage insurance, and have a major credit card. It’s as simple as that.

2. Can I Take My Rental Over State Lines?

Are you exploring beyond the Texas border? Most car rental companies allow their vehicles to cross state lines, but it’s always prudent to read the fine print just in case. Check for fees or other requirements before signing anything.

At Commerce Auto Rental, we understand your wanderlust and give you the freedom to traverse state lines with our rental cars. Feel free to embark on road trips and new adventures without hesitation.

3. Do You Offer Valet or Pick-up Service?

Convenience is key, especially when you’re traveling for business. Imagine having your rental car brought to your doorstep. Well, Commerce Auto Rental makes this dream a reality. If you’re within a 25-mile radius of our location and plan to rent a car for over three days, our valet service is at your disposal. We want to make your car rental experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

4. What Types of Vehicles Are Available?

When choosing a rental car, it’s nice to have choices depending on the reason for your rental. Some rental agencies have limited options or overlook, so you are left without much say on what car you drive.

At Commerce Auto Rental, we offer various vehicles catering to your needs. Whether you need a spacious SUV for a family vacation, a reliable truck for hauling purposes, or a sleek, compact business car for corporate trips, we have the perfect vehicle to suit your every requirement.

Booking a rental car near the Arlington and Dallas area doesn’t have to be daunting. You can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience tailored to your needs by asking the right questions. Remember, at Commerce Auto Rental, we can help you from the beginning to the end of the car rental process. So, next time you’re ready to hit the road, contact us at (855) 204-4008 or reserve a rental online to make your journey unforgettable!